member action groups

Responsible Mica Initiative members contribute their time and expertise by participating in six Action Groups. Member subject matter experts augment the Executive Team to develop strategy and oversee progress in the implementation of each of RMI’s three program pillars as well as its communication activities. Engaged members bring the latest tools and trends in their disciplines ranging from supply chain management and community development to regulatory policy and media relations.


Active membership in the Responsible Mica Initiative is open to all businesses and industry associations engaged in the mica supply chain. Dues are based on annual revenues.

Non-profit organizations (NGOs or CSOs) devoted to supply chain transparency and child and human rights as well as related disciplines such as rural development may also apply for active membership.

The benefit in joining RMI comes from the contribution your organization will make to eradicating child labor in the mica supply chain in Bihar and Jharkhand. By participating in the work of RMI your organization will also be fulfilling many global mandates to respect and protect human rights.

Your organization will be contributing to the economic and social independence of an underserved population and help lift the communities in the mica region out of poverty and onto a path of growth and independence.

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