The RMI aims to ensure a fair, timely and objective resolution of grievances relating to the implementation of its mission and operations.

 A grievance is understood as a general expression of dissatisfaction with a situation, activity, behavior, or a more specific and serious feeling of wrongdoing that relates to harassment, discrimination, or another abuse (i.e. conflict, corruption, human rights violation, etc.).


Prior to submitting a complaint via the RMI grievance mechanism, the grievants are encouraged to make all reasonable attempts to resolve their complaint at the lowest and most appropriate level. If no satisfactory answer was found, stakeholders are invited to submit a grievance through this form.


The grievance will be processed according to RMI Grievance mechanism process policy. A specific policy also exists for the RMI Executive Team, and can be found here.


To submit your grievance, please complete the form below. The form is available in English, French, Hindi, and Malagasy. The language can be selected in the top-right corner at any time.


RMI owes a duty of confidentiality to the grievant. No communication and procedural steps toward remediation will disclose any sensitive or personal information. A grievant’s personal details will only be made available to RMI employees or agents involved in the grievance process. Therefore, the forms, the information collected through them, and the grievance mechanism tracking tool will be only accessible by authorized staff. A dedicated email will also be used to secure the reception of the grievances: grievances(at)