MEMBERSHIP / Members commitments

The Responsible Mica Initiative is not a certification body and membership is not a guarantee of compliance with RMI programs or standards. However, being a member is a commitment to engage in continuous improvement toward a fair, responsible and sustainable mica supply chain.


Through its application for RMI membership, then by joining RMI, an organization commit to:

  • Have already integrated into its management systems corporate social responsibility processes for a sustainable development, and to make annual Communication on Progress Reports available to RMI coordination upon request;
  • Handle the resources it uses as inputs in a responsible way, that preserves its industries’ continued access to them in the future;
  • Support the principles espoused in international laws (ILO; UN Global Compact; UN-CBD; The Universal declaration of human rights; The UN convention on the rights of the child…);
  • Respect the Governance rules of the RMI such as the RMI Bylaws;
  • Support the Mission of the RMI;
  • Implement continuous improvement processes to achieve increased performance and higher standards for responsible business practices;
  • Endorse the RMI best practices guideline (RMI Workplace Standards) established as the “policies, commitments and procedures” of the RMI, and endeavor to implement them into its own management system and supply chain;
  • Comply with the Antitrust Rules mentioned in the RMI Competition Charter;
  • Not construe or portray the affiliation of its organization as a member of RMI in any way as an endorsement of good practices or responsible behavior; RMI is not a certifying organization or hallmark.
  • Share on annual basis some supply chain mapping and traceability information, with RMI secretariat only and under NDA;
  • Pay the annual membership fees.

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