The Responsible Mica Initiative & Tilkal launching first multi-stakeholder blockchain-based solution to improve traceability across mica supply chains

Why open the traceability topic within mica supply chain?

Since its creation in 2017, the Responsible Mica Initiative has been working towards the establishment of a fair, responsible and sustainable mica supply chain where child labor and poor working conditions are eradicated. Timely and accurate data collection across the entire mica supply chain – from mines and processors to intermediate and end-use industries – has been a key organization tool.

Blockchain-based traceability data platform from Tilkal, a pioneer in the field, will enable RMI to better understand its mica supply chain. Adoption of Tilkal’s system will improve data transparency while maintaining security and providing a flexible, cost-efficient and auditable traceability system.

Why a next generation traceability tool for the mica supply chain?

RMI has used confidential mica supply chain mapping since 2017 but the process has been manual. Today, with more than 70 mica supply chain members drawn from a wide range of industries located on different continents, a manual system is unduly labor intensive, cumbersome and lacks the sophistication needed to support transparency and optimize data formats and reporting in ways that can advance RMI goals. There are a number of specific benefits of Tilkal’s software:

  • Traceability of mica will significantly improve 360° knowledge of the supply chain, enabling thorough mapping and verification of all members committed to implement responsible workplace practices.
  • By sharing a common database, RMI members will promote transparency across mica supply chains, enabling more efficient risk identification and easier reporting processes.
  • Tilkal’s technology offers better insights into the sustainability performance along the mica supply chain and enables RMI to customize support to improve workplace practices among all stakeholders.

How Tilkal’s solution will help?

By efficiently capturing information along the mica supply chain in a decentralized network, Tilkal’s traceability solution will reduce complexity while offering greater flexibility and auditability. Blockchain technology provides the necessary foundation to build such a network for sharing end-to-end traceability data, a field in which Tilkal is paving the way. The system is also designed to ensure confidentiality of individual member data.

Press release can be found here in English and in French.