The Responsible Mica Initiative Sets Up a Certifying Training on First Aid

On December 15, 2020, the Responsible Mica Initiative organized a 2-day training session dedicated to First Aid and Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) component under RMI standard.

The training was facilitated by Vijay Jain (RMI India Program Manager) and the Saint Joseph’s International Fire & Safety Academy (JIFSA), and gathered 60 participants in Giridih, India, including mica processors as well as volunteers and NGO partners working in mica-dependent villages.

A Certifying First Aid Training

The session was brightly inaugurated by the district medical officer, Dr. Sanyal. Mr. Vijay Jain then introduced RMI workplace standards for processing units and specifically focused on OHS criteria.

Mr. Jain, based on his extensive experience of working with organized and unorganized workers across various industries, highlighted “the importance of administering first aid either at workplace, home or other public spaces. The steps a rescuer takes during the first few minutes of a medical emergency are critical – they can make the difference between temporary or permanent disability, or even life and death.”

Emphasizing the isolation of the rural communities RMI is working with in Jharkhand and Bihar, Mr. Jain also clarified that “the workplace is somehow isolated in such areas like mines, forestry or farms, meaning the emergency assistance can be some distance and time away. On top of that, it becomes more challenging due to remote locations and poor road connectivity.”

Based on its experience with these communities realities, RMI has realized that this is imperative that people in rural workplaces should have basic first aid training to put them in a position to save lives in the event of a health emergency, as every life is precious.

As Mr. Jain rightly says, “the first batch of 60 first aid qualified volunteers is a significant milestone for RMI to broaden the coverage of first aid assistance from factory to field covering every workplace in the supply chain. I am very pleased to be part of this initiative wherein people are committed to transforming RMI standards from a mere compliance obligation to a life-changing experience.”

A gynecologist explaining first aid for pregnant women

Ex-trainee testifies on how he was able to help his injured uncle thanks to what he learned during the training

“I can’t explain the happiness in words, I felt after helping Rajesh Uncle who suffered head injury and bleeding.

I was taught during my training how to provide first aid to a person who is bleeding. I followed the method, used my kit and soon after the process of first aid is over we managed to take him to the doctor. I kept on encouraging the patient remaining positive as taught during the training. The doctor appreciated me for the efforts. The trust which I saw in the eyes of Rajesh uncle made me feel delighted. Thank you -Team CESAM & RMI for the training.”