Rewarded For Purpose – Responsible Mica initiative is recognized as Sustainable Supply Chain of the Year 2023 by the Global Good Awards!

On July 12 the Global Good Awards allocated its winning Silver prize (there was no Gold category in 2023) to RMI and its members for their efforts to achieve fair mica worker incomes and wages in India.

The silver trophy for RMI  in Sustainable Supply Chain Category

Having the highest silver trophy in this category proves RMI and near 100 of its members’ efforts towards sustainable mica supply chain are acknowledged global wide. We feel proud to be rewarded for our actions, not aims, and are hopeful that this recognition will serve our end beneficiaries even better.

Indeed, RMI has been awarded for its research, released April 2023, and ongoing work to lift mica communities out of poverty and end child labor, through payment of living incomes and wages.

While we are very honored to receive this credit of trust, we are aware that more could and should be done by the joint efforts of the government, private companies and civil sector towards the sustainable mica supply chain, fair wages and working conditions and eradication of child labor at mica mining sites.


These are the areas where RMI and its members are working in India and Madagascar, the world’s largest exporters of mica.


RMI and its members: private companies and NGOs take great care to ‘walk the talk’ across all areas of sustainability in mica supply chain.

We will keep focusing our efforts on 3 integrated program pillars:

  1. Implement Responsible Workplace Standards
  2. Empower Communities
  3. Support establishment of Legal Frameworks

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