Responsible Mica Initiative Publishes 2021 Annual Report Detailing Progress Empowering Communities and Eradicating Child Labor

A report detailing RMI’s mission, milestones and key achievements over the course of the past year

Despite 2021 year being hit again by COVID-19 pandemic, RMI made significant progress in 2021 thanks to the commitment and involvement of its now 74 members and others devoted to achieving RMI’s mission.

For five years, RMI has coordinated effort of individuals and institutions committed to achieving a collective vision. The impact of RMI’s presence and programs was validated by the responses of communities to the pandemic and can now be seen in mica processing units, in mica-dependent villages covered by RMI’s Community Empowerment Programs and local partners. RMI also saw that more can and will be done to build on this momentum: RMI will extend its programs to 2030 in India, beyond its initial five-year mission, and launch new initiatives in Madagascar.

Among the key milestones achieved by RMI throughout 2021: