Official launch of the Battery Passport proof of concept

The Global Battery Alliance (GBA), which the Responsible Mica Initiative is proud to be a member of, has today launched the first-ever Battery Passport proof of concept at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos.

The GBA is the world’s largest multi-stakeholder consortium to establish a sustainable battery value chain, comprising more than 130 public-private organisations.

Batteries are key to unlocking the clean energy transition, which is why the GBA’s flagship Battery Passport initiative is so important. The Passport establishes a digital twin of a physical battery, conveying valuable information about all applicable sustainability and lifecycle requirements. Unveiled for the first time at Davos, the prototype battery passports include example data from Audi and Tesla relating to the battery’s technical specifications, material provenance, and reporting against key sustainability performance indicators, including the GBA’s Human Rights and Child Labour Indices.

As an NGO focused on eradicating child labor and unacceptable working conditions, and as mica is being used in large quantities as insulator in battery packs, RMI has a strong interest in the rise of electric vehicles, which represents a huge opportunity for sustainable development but also presents significant challenges.

Through our membership in the Global Battery Alliance, we are pleased to be collaborating with industry-leading companies across the global battery value chain. Cooperation is crucial to solving key sustainability challenges, and we look forward to continuing to support the development of sustainable, circular, and responsible battery value chains through our work with the GBA.